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Hi, I'm Robert Laughlin

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I help busy adults learn to play piano fast with my unorthodox, but proven method.

Teaching busy adults to play piano quickly has been my passion for over 30 years. Contrary to popular belief, learning to play the piano doesn't have to take years, or even months. It can be fast and fun to learn what YOU want to play. In fact, I can show you everything you need to know to play piano this way in about three hours. Let me prove it to you...

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1000's of 5 Star Reviews

You have no idea how much pleasure I have gotten from playing the piano. Never in a million years would I have thought I could ever play the piano, but your course has paid off for me. I just can't tell you how much joy I get from my piano playing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Loretta Bloesch

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You've always wanted to learn to play piano, but...

  • ​you never had time
  • ​"life" gets in the way
  • you doubt that you can do it
  • ​you think you're too old
  • ​you think it takes hours of practice everyday
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Change that "one day" to DAY ONE

Isn't it true? It doesn't matter what we do, we can't seem to have enough time to do everything. You have it on your bucket list. You want to learn to play piano. You promise yourself that "one day" you'll get around and make it a reality. Then life gets in the way. Then you get older. And your dream starts to drift away and out of your consciousness.

But deep down you know it's still there. The light might be flickering, but it's not out. You just need a little push and the "right" time to do it. Turn that one day into DAY ONE today. Now is the time and I'm going to help you get there, quick! One year from today, you'll be glad you did.

Why traditional piano lessons don't work for most of us

Let's face it... the traditional method was designed for a very small percentage of the population who wants to become concert pianists. The problem is most of us do not care to become concert pianists.

Besides, you'd have to start young if you ever wanted to become a concert pianist. The majority of us just want to play for fun and personal enjoyment.

That's why I refer to my method as "piano lessons for the rest of us." But even that is troubling for me because I don't really give piano lessons. I hold workshops and it only takes me three hours to teach you everything you need to learn to play piano this way. The good news is you don't have to practice hours upon hours a day to enjoy playing the piano.

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Is it too late for me to learn to play piano?

A common misperception is that it's too late to start learning piano as an adult. Some adults may feel discouraged or self-conscious about their abilities compared to those who started playing at a younger age.

Cast your worries aside. Science has proved that the human brain can continue to make connections at any age. It might require some patience, but yes, you absolutely can learn to play piano.  

Don't let age prevent you from learning to play piano. It can be a fun experience, especially if you learn the Instant Piano way. You'll discover the joy of playing the piano in record time.

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Is it hard to learn piano as an adult?

The short answer is yes, IF you choose to learn the traditional way, which means you'll have to immerse yourself in notation reading, theory and technique. And prepare to spend plenty of time reading notation.

On the other hand, if all you want to do is play chord-based accompaniment style piano, it is not hard to learn. You'll learn to read chords and basic treble clef notation reading.  

You'll discover that learning piano this way is not intimidating at all. In fact, many adults appreciate it. I'll show the shortest way to get there.

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