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The Best Buying Guide for Keyboards and Pianos

Digital pianos! Keyboards! controllers for MIDI! You're not the only one who finds the variety of options available to be a little bewildering. You've arrived at my piano buying guide for that reason.

(Please take note that this website contains links to stores where you may buy the keyboards and pianos I suggest. I am paid as an Amazon Associate when people make eligible purchases.)

Need some new keys? You came to the right place

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Acoustic Pianos

When you read the term "piano," this is what you probably immediately thought of. The reason for this is that the acoustic piano has existed the longest. For a number of very good reasons, acoustic pianos remain a preferred and conventional choice for piano consumers.

  • Acoustic pianos can look lovely and come in a range of finishes and designs to suit your preferences.
  • ​Acoustic pianos can serve as a focus point for your house and as furnishings in and of themselves.
  • The key action on an acoustic piano is very pleasant, and the instrument's tone has a certain depth that is difficult to match with other instruments.

But as you might have suspected, having an acoustic piano has significant drawbacks.

  •  Professional tuning is expensive and inconvenient, and if you go too long between tunings, it really shows. Even just thinking about it makes my ears hurt.
  • ​Sometimes, acoustic piano players must manually transpose a tune. This is a complex subject, but once you start learning to play, believe me when I say it counts!
  • ​You must be prepared to deal with the size and weight of an acoustic piano. It's not for the weak of heart to move one.

Digital Pianos

A digital piano is what? Simply told, it's an improved and streamlined acoustic piano. Although they are very similar to acoustic pianos in appearance, digital pianos require an electrical outlet to make sound. They're cool due to

  • The maintenance of a digital piano is simple because manual tuning is not required.
  • Transposition gives variety without requiring a lot of additional talent.
  • ​You can block out the outside world and concentrate on your playing if you have access to headphones. Additionally, nobody nearby will be able to listen in unless you wish them to.

Of course, there are also some drawbacks:

  • Digital pianos are nevertheless somewhat weighty, despite being thinner than their acoustic siblings. You won't be able to put it in your car's trunk and go to a nearby open-mic night.
  • Digital piano keys simply don't have the same tactile quality as their analogue counterparts. (With weighted key settings, you can, however, come quite close.)
  • After that, we have...


One of them may very well be hiding in your cellar or closet! The reason behind this is that through time, keyboards have spread widely in society. Keyboards have a few aspects that may influence your decision, including:

  • Portability is key in this situation. Your keyboard is portable, so you can put it up almost anywhere.
  • ​There are many different keyboard accessories available that let you select the specific features and options you want. If room is at a premium, you can even choose a petite size.

However, there are a few issues with keyboards as well:

  • The primary area where keyboards frequently fall short is key feel. Therefore, you'll have to spend a little extra on weighted key alternatives if you want a more genuine sensation.
  • ​You must chose the accessories you want, which I just described as a pro, however it might also be seen as a drawback. Determining which bench, stand, and sustain pedals are right for you can feel like an added bother if all you want to do is plug in and play.

MIDI Controllers

The fourth choice in my buying a piano guide is, unsurprisingly, MIDI controllers. I'm ready to wager that the majority of you have never even thought of these! This is due to the specialised setup needs and uses of MIDI controllers.

Here are a few reasons why some people adore MIDI controllers:

  • Even in comparison to conventional keyboards, they are incredibly portable. They are incredibly simple to move around thanks to their lightweight construction and compact shape.
  • ​Even MIDI controllers of better calibre are still reasonably priced when compared to some of the other instrument choices.
  • ​MIDI controllers can be integrated right into a musician's recording setup. This is far easier than attempting to mic an acoustic piano or using specialised keyboard/digital piano interfaces.

What are any MIDI controller features that are less appealing?

  • There are no speakers built into them. That's correct; you must connect them to a computer with speakers if you want to hear what you're playing.
  • ​MIDI controllers simply don't have good key feel, though semi-weighted ones are now available and a little bit better.
  • To connect your MIDI controller to your computer, you'll need a few specialised tools and software.
  • ​This option's setup is not completely foolproof. To set up your system for the first time, you might require assistance.

Taking My Own Advice from My Piano Buying Guide

One portion of my home is designated for work, and the other is designated for leisure.

I chose to place our digital piano in my living room because it is there that I can play for my family and invite my children to participate as well. My daughters like practising the piano, as you could see in the buying guide video.

I have a MIDI controller set up next to my PC and camera in my home office. For my Instant Piano Course, this enables me to film videos and demonstrate my playing in detail throughout each lesson.

It's possible that what works best for me won't work best for you. Individuals have varying needs. Think on how much space you need, whether portability is vital to you, and how complex or basic you want your setup to be. After that, you can go shopping!

My Specific Recommendations With Links

Acoustic Piano:

In this piano guide, I suggest looking online at Craigslist and similar local listing sites. You can often find cheap or even free acoustic pianos this way. Just keep in mind that you’ll probably need a tuner to come tweak some things once you get the piano to your house.

Digital Piano:

In this buying guide for piano/keyboard, I recommend this Yamaha P45 set. It includes the stand, bench and pedal that you’ll need. That means there’s no guesswork involved in setup. I love the weighted keys on this model.


The Alesis Recital 88-key model is something I highly recommend in this buying guide for anyone in the market for a keyboard. I got my first Alesis over 15 years ago!

MIDI Controller:

I love my M-Audio Keystation 88-key MIDI controller. The keys are semi-weighted. This gives it fairly good key feel, especially compared to non-weighted models.

Finalizing My Piano Buying Guide

It doesn't really matter which piano option you select in the end; what matters is that you start playing. You can start as long as you have 49 or more keys and a sustain pedal.

Spend some time becoming at ease while playing. See what you can achieve using my chord-based method. Once you're playing music you enjoy and are having a good time, you can treat yourself by upgrading your instrument.

So… What game system are you using right now? And do you have any future plans for purchasing a more modern instrument? Send me a message to let me know!

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